Redefining Industry 4.0

Iconix Technology believe in creating opportunities for everyone through increased efficiency. We strive to free up more time and resource for everyone, allowing everyone to focus on things that are important to them.

igus robolink® DCi

The robolink® modular robotic system allows you to automate manual work steps quickly and easily. Articulated arms in various lengths and sizes are available. The number of lubrication-free joints used ranges from two to six, and the robot can be equipped with various tools (e.g., grippers, suction cup, camera, etc.) as desired. robolink® robot components are characterised by their modularity. As a modular system, a robot arm can be configured as desired and therefore economically, and moreover it is also possible to obtain ready-to-use complete systems.  

PC-Based Automation
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Iconix Technology Sdn. Bhd. excellent track record of delivering quality and easy-to-use solutions for our partners and customers has earned us the trust of Beckhoff Automation Malaysia as their authorized solution provider.

Building Automation System

Iconix Technology provide industrial grade building automation systems ranging from room control automation, floor level automation to a complete building control automation systems. Our building automation system offers scalability and modularity for ease of expansion and supports up to 400 types of different I/O data connection points and we support all common actuator and sensors.

About Iconix Technology

Iconix Technology Sdn. Bhd., founded 28 January 2008, works on improving and simplifying seamless digital lifestyle integration, productivity and competitiveness in applications such as smart city, smart factory or Industry 4.0, smart retail, smart devices and autonomous control system. Currently, we are serving across different industries from government agencies to academic institution as well as manufacturing industries.

We provide IoT and automation technologies related products and services including middleware development, software engineering, cloud-based applications, building automation with integrated energy efficiency and automation control system for various industries such as manufacturing, wastewater treatment plants and education.




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