Energy Management System

Iconix Technology provide customised energy monitoring system


  1. Open platforms allows you to connect to 3rd party brands sensors and modules such as digital power meters and power quality meters

  2. Cloud based database storage for logging*

  3. Live display and trending report of the environment temperature, humidity and power consumption

    1. Current (A)

    2. Voltage (V)

    3. Active Power (kW)

    4. Apparent Power (kVa)

    5. Reactive Power (kVar)

    6. Power Factor (PF)

    7. Electrical Energy (kWh)

    8. Peak Current (A)

    9. Maximum Demand (MaxP)

    10. Temperature

    11. Humidity

  4. Hierarchical view of kWH consumption:

    1. Room, Floor, Building

  5. Suruhanjaya Tenaga reports under EMEER 2008

    1. Daily Tariff Report based on

      1. Date

      2. Off/On Peak

      3. Max Demand

      4. MD Amount (MYR)

      5. Total kWh consumption

      6. Total Amount (MYR)

      7. Carbon footprint (kg)

    2. Daily Index Report based on

      1. Date

      2. Parameter

      3. Total Consumption (kWh)

      4. kWh Index (kWh/parameter)

    3. Consumption Breakdowns based on group

  6. Customised report based on customer requirements

  7. Multiple dashboards reports for different users level

    1. Technician

    2. Facility manager

    3. C Executives

  8. Remote energy monitoring for multiple sites*

  9. Multiple client SCADA login

  10. Energy alarms with user acknowledgement control and SMS/Email alerts*

  11. Compact and small footprint

  12. Monthly or Quarterly energy consultation to reduce carbon footprint**

*fees may apply for internet or sms provider

**consultations are included in the solution to ensure customer success

Sample Reports: