Flexible Manufacturing System

Workstation Function

Our Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) training kit system is an automatic production line trainer. It is installed on a rail, compose of delivery unit, loading unit, assembly unit, processing unit and sorting unit. Our Flexible Manufacturing System Training kit is developed with practical, expandable, modular and flexibility in mind.

  • Loading Unit: Product holder that needs to be process will feed into the loading unit.

  • Delivery Unit: Delivery Unit consist of an encoded servo motor that is responsible of moving the product from one process unit to another process unit.

  • Processing Unit: Product will be dropped onto product holder to be embedded into a white or metal product holder.

  • Assembly Unit: Product will be pressed into product holder for sorting.

  • Sorting Unit: Sorting unit will sort the end product based on color of the product holder and the color of the product itself.

The automation system will be programmed with various programming languages, including Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, and Structure Text using Beckhoff TwinCAT Automation Software. A Human Machine Interface will be included into the system. Upon completion of the PLC program and HMI, a training on how to use and modify the program will be provided.

Workstation Purpose

The workstation primarily teaches student PC-Based automation and also the concept of Industry 4.0. The workstation also cover topics such as relays, pneumatic cylinders, and different types of sensors, servo motor, ac motor, and many more others.

The FMS systems is designed to allow students to experiments and tinker with a simulated production based system. Each of the unit have their own independent control panel that allows students to separate the unit from one another. As part of the curriculum, student will combine different system together to simulate a production line.

Our Commitment:

Iconix Technology provides on-site support, training and manual for all of our product. We uses Beckhoff PC-Based Automation that ensure ease of future expansion. Our knowledge and experience with both the academic and industry allow us to provide relevant and practical training solutions that are cost-effective and top-notch quality.